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The Side Effects (or Effects) of Adjuvants in Vaccines


What is the most dangerous part of a vaccine?  In my opinion, it is the adjuvants in the vaccines.   Adjuvants in vaccines are the additives and preservatives that are also present in the formula of each vaccine.  A good majority of the things in vaccines are classified as toxic, dangerous, or have the skull and crossbones on them in a factory or laboratory setting.  So why these ingredients can be injected into the body of an infant, small child, or even adult for that matter, is very confusing to me.

So much of our time is spent believing the ‘professional’ that it is all good and safe for you …. But is it?  Really?  Since when did something that is used to embalm a corpse for a viewing become and okay thing to put into the body of someone living?  How is it that when we question the dangers of vaccines, we are automatically treated like we are ridiculous, and their efficacy is touted without any consideration of the countless negative effects documented?

There have got to be motives bigger than what we can even imagine for an entire industry to continue to promote, advance, and multiply the use of vaccines in the wake of more reported vaccine injuries, the rise of autism, the common occurrence of people with unexplained seizures, the increase of cases of dementia and alzheimers at younger and younger ages, the rise in allergies … the list goes on and on.

I am in no way blaming solely vaccines for every health problem in the world.  I am, however, thinking for myself and drawing some conclusions based on research.

The public needs to be aware that the CDC lists the ingredients of each vaccine.  When you see ethanol, detergent and canine or Vero (monkey) kidney, it doesn’t concern you just a little bit?  Or maybe you are like me, and you never knew that!  You had no reason to question the ingredients.

The first and main question that I get asked the most when I try to share information about vaccines with moms is “why would they do that?”  Sadly, many times the question is followed up by “I don’t believe you!”   Thankfully, there have been a few that have decided to check into it themselves.  It is not for me to tell them what to do, but for me the purpose is to arm them with information so that they can make their own, intelligent decisions based on facts, science, first-hand accounts and research.

The adverse effects of so many of the additives are worth considering neurological damage and central nervous system disorders, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, allergies, heavy metal toxicity, gastrointestinal issues, as the tip of the iceberg.  Check it out for yourself.  Be an informed patient/parent.


For a list of each individual vaccine and its additives/adjuvants in vaccines and their affects:

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