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Seizure Recovery Heavy Metal Protocol

Heavy metal contamination or toxicity is a general term describing a condition where people have abnormally high levels of toxic elements/metals in their body.  The contamination is very real, detrimental to good health, and can for some, be deadly.

Heavy Metals are subtle, silent, stalking killers.  They enter our body through a variety of ways, and slowly accumulate in vital organs and the central nervous system without being noticed or diagnosed – that is until our degraded health demands investigation.  The threat is serious enough that even prenatal exposure to certain heavy metals has been found to predispose infants to seizures and epilepsy.

Everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink can be subject to containing or delivering toxic metals into our bodies:  This exposure can lead to extreme neurotoxicity.


Acute toxic metal exposure disables the body’s natural ability to buffer them, which then compromises other areas that are involved such as metabolic and neurological functions. This cascading effects result in inability to excrete toxic metals.  Consequently, he accumulation of mercury and other toxic metals in various areas of the body, and the inability to detoxify mercury and other toxic metals leads to significant imbalances of necessary vitamin and mineral levels in the brain and G.I. tract. 

Final destination:  neurological and digestive system effects.

The Seizure Recovery Heavy Metal Protocol Consultation is designed for you to learn where the heavy metal exposures have come from in your life, how they are affecting your seizures, and what you can do, naturally, to remedy the heavy metal aspect of seizure recovery.


Natural Elimination


Clearing Toxins


Simple Changes


Recovery and Beyond

Some Recommended Extras


Healthy Results

Healthy Mind
Healthy Body

Protocol Options



  • One on One 60 Minute Personal Skype Call
  • Discuss Heavy Metal Test Findings
  • How To’s and Do Not’s For Detox
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Detox Info and Protocol


  • Why This Element
  • Lifestyle Changes To Remove and Recover
  • Element Specific Detox Recommendations
  • Element Specific Supplement Recommendations
  • Food Do’s and Don’ts List
  • Instructions On How To Live A Detox Lifestyle

Arsenic Detox Protocol



  • ( ) Week Class
  • Understanding Heavy Metals
  • Heavy Metals and Your Body
  • Heavy Metals and Your Brain
  • Step by Step Lifestyle Instructions
  • In Depth Detox Discussion
  • Studies and Detailed Information Regarding The Heavy Metal Seizure Connection
  • ( ) Live Q and A Sessions

*Details to be determined*

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You Can Order Heavy Metal Tests Without A Doctor’s Prescription Through Direct Labs: Be sure to use Passionate For Truth’s special code when you call to order your tests – R-PFT

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    “Using the information that I gained from working with Rachelle, I was able to reduce my heavy metal burden from in the 90th percentile down to the low ‘normal’ range!  With each step I took, I saw a definite reduction in seizure activity – everyone who suffers seizures should check into their heavy metal burden!” L. Alene
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     by Sheila
    Someone who understands!

    Thank you, Rachelle, for meeting with me and explaining the connection between heavy metal toxicity and seizure activity. The help that you gave, the direction you pointed and the knowledge that you shared of how to move forward gives me hope in helping my daughter become seizure free!