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Learn where the heavy metal exposures have come from in your life, how they are affecting your seizures, and what you can do, naturally to remedy the heavy metal aspect of seizure recovery.

Get a big picture of how your thyroid connects to the rest of your body, how all of those pieces relate to seizure activity, and arm yourself with vital information to guide you in what you can do about recovering seizures as naturally as possible.


Proper food intake, harmful food removal, and nutritional balancing are at the heart of seizure recovery.  Having the information and tools at your fingertips makes the recovery process much easier.

DUTCH Test For Seizure Understanding 

Insight to underlying problems in need of optimization and support to alleviate seizure activity, brain inflammation, stress and deficiencies.

One on One Skype Consultation 

Learn from my experience and research.  Receive information to help you move forward.