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Thyroid Temperature Activity Graph Download

The late Dr. Broda Barnes introduced the basal body temperature test as an easy way to determine adequate thyroid function. It’s important to do an oral temperature test. The oral temperature is measured with an oral digital thermometer after arising. Women should do this during their menses to ensure missing the rise of temperature during ovulation. The morning oral temperature after arising should be 98.0 degrees F. It should then rise to 98.6-99 degrees F between 11 am and 2 pm and the resting daytime pulse should be around 85 beats per minute. The national average is around 72. If your pulse is less than 80, you may have an underactive thyroid (however a hypothyroid person with high adrenalin can have a pulse of as high as 150). Babies have a pulse greater than 100 until around the age of eight years when the pulse slows down to around 85. Dr. Peat says that the idea of a slow pulse being healthy is folklore. “Thyroid needs increase during the cold, dark winters and decrease during the warm summer days when there is more sunlight. In addition to the seasons, any kind of stress hinders thyroid function.” -Lita Lee, PhD

“Basal” body temperature is influenced by many things besides thyroid. The resting heart rate helps to interpret the temperature, however, in a cool environment, the temperature of the extremities is sometimes a better indicator than the oral or eardrum temperature.”  A therapeutic trial was the final test of the validity of the diagnosis: If the patient’s symptoms disappeared as his temperature and pulse rate and food intake were normalized, the diagnostic hypothesis was confirmed. Whatever objective indicator was used, whether it was basal metabolic rate, or serum cholesterol, or core temperature, or reflex relaxation rate, a simple chart would graphically indicate the rate of recovery toward normal health.”

The thyroid is a huge indicator on how the entire endocrine system is working, and can also affect estrogen and progesterone.  Be aware of how all of your hormones are doing for optimal health!

See how your thyroid is doing by downloading this Thyroid Temperature Activity Graph today!