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  I am a counselor and teacher by profession, a researcher, writer, wellness advocate, and passionate mother of a recovered vaccine injured child who has spent the majority of the last 18 ‘in school’, both in the books and in practice, and have become well versed (dare I say an expert?!) in the subjects that are listed on this website.  My personal experience, visits and interviews with medical experts, and exhaustive research and intense study has provided me with insight and information that wasn’t readily available to me when I needed it, and still is difficult to uncover.

My reason for this blog/website, my Facebook page Passionate For Truth, and my seizure support group Healing Seizures Naturally,  vaccine injury group Healing Vaccine Injuries Naturally,  and Passionate For Truth Store, is to support those who are at their wits end.  Those who have come to the end of their rope, but still maintain that there has got to be a better way be restored, recover, live and be healthy.  My commitment is to continue the research about health and how to regain and maintain it through the use of natural means.   Knowing the truth about our God-breathed bodies and how He has designed us is what I am passionate about.

I am happy to share what I understand, have learned, have experienced and what has worked for me and my family in our efforts and abilities to reverse illnesses like seizure activity, thyroid imbalance, chronic migraines, estrogen dominance and vaccine injury.  I have a vast database of articles, studies, research, medical reports and journals, interviews, and documentaries far beyond what I have here on this website or have had yet to share in the other mediums that I use to reach out to people to help them.  I am not a doctor, and I know that if you are contacting me, you most likely are already aware of that.  I am not here to diagnose, prescribe, or claim to treat any ailments, but only to share information that I have and my personal experiences for you to take and go further in your healing journey for yourself and with your medical professional.

Additionally, I personally understand the difficulty of dealing with a chronic illness, and know that many times you just need someone who understands the uniqueness of your life to talk to.  Because of my counseling background,  I am also offering to be available for sessions to help you gain tools for dealing with the complications that come with sickness and give you the strength to keep your head up and carry on each day.

I Would Love To Work With You!



If you would like to have a more personal, in depth, one on one video consult with me, whether it is to discuss specifics of the illness you face, or just to have someone to talk to, please fill out the information below to request a one hour consultation.



A big part of what we have done and what I can help you with includes using the DUTCH complete hormone test so that you can get a big picture of your Hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, DHEA), and Organic Acids to get an deep roots picture of what’s really going on with your health. I’m trained at understanding the DUTCH test and am personally and keenly aware of it’s benefit for those experiencing seizures, or with Epilepsy/Catamenial Epilepsy. I’m available to those who would like to have this test done, as well as to any who have already had this test done, but have way more questions than they do answers.

For the purpose of understanding your DUTCH Test, I can help you move forward with any necessary changes to Improve Your Health.


Get Started Improving Your Health!


Upon receipt of your payment and request for either a 1 hour skype consultation, or a DUTCH Test consultation, I will get right with you to coordinate our talk time!

I look forward to working with you!

Rachelle Burke

B.A. Psychology, A.A. Theology,  State Certified K-12 Teacher,  Counselor, Midlife Hormone Mastery Certified, Certificate in Nutritional Leadership,  Essential Oils Wellness Consultant, Researcher, Writer, Health Advocate, Child Advocate


Passionate For Truth

Upon Receipt of Payment You Will Be Contacted to Schedule Your Consultation.  


5 stars:  My condition has remained in complete remission since starting progesterone again , after a year off  ( complete relapse ) , which is wonderful beyond words .  Thank you!!!  Bruce P. 


5 stars:  I was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy when I was 18, shortly after being on the depo shot for several years. It came out of nowhere. It progressed and got worse. I continued to lose more of my freedom and independence and gain more fear and isolation. I was on so many pharmaceuticals that added to that. I got pregnant twice and didn’t have any seizures during either pregnancy. The doctors didn’t think anything of it, but kept experimenting on me. I noticed a routine of my seizures as I continued to get healthier and fit physically. They came like clockwork, but the doctors refused to test my hormones. I finally got a doctor to test them after 10 years of being a guinea pig and found out my progesterone levels barely existed. Synthetic progesterone treatments made it worse, but this year my family doctor is allowing me to use natural oils and my best judgments to treat my seizures and this is the best i have done. I usually have 20-50 seizures a month. I had 1 seizure this month, last i went 2 1/12 months seizure free! I am still learning how and when to balance the oil, but with the help from Rachelle and her amazing group on Facebook, Healing Seizures Naturally,  I am doing better than I ever have been in the 11 years that I have had epilepsy. Thank you so much for everything you do and the knowledge you spread!  Sara Weber


5 Stars:  When my 16 y/o daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy, I began scouring the internet. I am not really sure how I found Rachelle but a post on Facebook struck me and I messaged her. She messaged right back. I was in a state of despair and fear and she really began calming me with her guidance. I am not a fan of big pharma and meds and I could see what the seizure meds were doing to my daughter. We began working on her nutrition, & also added the progesterone cream. I have had high blood pressure for 18 years and began working hard with natural supplements to get off my meds. I was close but not quite there. Once I added the progesterone cream, my BP finally came down. I didn’t make the connection till I forgot the cream for a few days while traveling, and my BP shot up. I really like Ona’s progesterone. It is helping me sleep a little better as well. I think Rachelle has the sweetest spirit. Her desire to help others is so genuine and sincere. She has been there and knows the fears and lack of real help from the medical community, other than meds. She really is “passionate”. Thanks for all your amazing help and support. I really appreciate it.  Kathleen


5 Stars: I have a 15 year old daughter who is on the autism spectrum. Over the years, she has struggled with anxiety, OCD and mood swings and more, but first and foremost, she is beautiful, loving, happy, wonderful girl when she is feeling good.
As she moved into puberty, she began having extreme meltdowns that were volatile. With each passing year, she became more self injurious,aggressive, violent in her aggression and destructive when these meltdowns would occur… and when they happened, they would last longer and longer.
We turned to the best autism doctors known… famous psychiatrists and neurologists. Medications were prescribed, and in sheer desperation , we tried many…. some that we would have never imagined we would try. With each medication, there were side effects – even a seizure induced by medication. I have been researching, reading and consulting with professionals for years.
In the last year, all hell broke loose…. much of that hell was brought on by medication trials…. but we also started to notice that our daughter would be pretty good for two weeks – and then would go nuts for two weeks. A real pattern started to emerge. In my search for answers, I found a medical cannibas Group. As I asked questions on there and described my symptoms, a member of that group said that it sounded a lot like catemenial epilepsy, even though there was not seizure activity. She referred me to Rachelle’s Healing Seizures Naturally Group.
Well…. all I can say is that finding this group and Rachelle, is one of the best things that has ever happened to us. I learned soooo much through Rachelle, her group page and Passionate for Truth. I became convinced that my daughter’s meltdowns and rages were hormonally induced. I began tracking and charting for several months… and there was a distinctive pattern for sure. Because of Rachelle guiding me and answering so many questions, we started my daughter on Ona’s Natural Progesterone cream and Chaste Tree. It is only a short while, but my daughter is a different person. She is happy and the meltdowns have not occurred at the time so far when they would. I also see a calmness and improved focus that were just not there before.
Rachelle, you have been a true God Send. You have helped us so much. You have changed our daughter’s and our family’s lives for the better! Even if we hit some bumps ahead, I feel that we are truly on the right track. My daughter is weaned off all pharmaceutical medications now. We are using all natural supplements and the Progesterone cream and Chaste Tree for balancing hormones. We can never thank you enough, Rachelle!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!  Lisa


5 Stars:  After 13 years of no seizure control with pharmaceuticals and nothing but wicked side effects, my now 28-year-old daughter, is finally off all of those horrible medications, and through God, is on the path to healing and wonderful restoration. We quit praying that medications would help and began asking God to lead us where we needed to go…. and I truly believe that’s when God brought Rachelle into our lives. Because of the path she has traveled and because of her caring heart, she shares with others what God has been teaching her through her journey with her daughter. She has been a voice of hope for us and she has steadied our nerves when bumps come along. I appreciate her honesty in not necessarily knowing everything, but always willing to share what she has learned thus far. She has helped us to see that there may be many things that we need to do to restore health. We continue to pray for God’s leading. In my very spirit, I believe Rachelle is God-sent to us…..His light for our path!  Sharon


5 Stars:  After searching and searching, I stumbled upon the Facebook group Healing Seizures Naturally and soon afterwards Skyped with Rachelle, and she shared a wealth of information with me for my 13-year-old daughter who has suffered from seizures for 3 years. Although we just started our journey to recovery, I’m fully confident we will overcome epilepsy because I am armed with more knowledge and information about my daughter’s estrogen dominance through Rachelle and her website than any doctor has been able to offer us. I now have hope! Thank you, Rachelle! I know that the Lord led us to you!  Diana


5 Stars:  My daughter was diagnosed with CAE when she was 10. (Now 11,5) She was accidentally given two x 3 in 1 vaccinations at birth and with the onset of puberty I noticed the very first absences. Rachelle was placed in our lives for this season and I have found her to be an incredible vessel of hope. She has guided us with immense love and with compassion that can only come from a mum who has walked in these shoes. I cannot thank Rachelle enough for her years of research and her own revelations that she has so generously and willingly shared. I have not tried any AED’s as I feel strongly about dealing with and healing the cause/s of the absences rather than treating the symptoms. On better days we are down to 3 or 4 absences per day. I know the day will come soon when we rejoice at an absence free life! We continue to be led by God’s revelation and continue to pray for breakthroughs and miracles, not only for our precious little girl but for the millions who are struggling with epilepsy. I have become as passionate for the truth as Rachelle has. It really is like placing a thousand piece puzzle together and with each piece that falls snuggly into place, we celebrate. Rachelle’s obedience to her calling will ensure a ripple effect across the globe as tens of thousands experience the benefits of her research. Our Skype interview was as warm and gracious as it was entertaining! I love this lady and all she stands for !! A heartfelt thank you to Rachelle and Lindsey for your testimony.  Mandy Chapman

If you believe in the mission of getting information out to those who don’t know or don’t have time to set aside to research for themselves, please also consider donating to allow me to continue bringing as much information and encouragement to others as I can.  If I have helped you or someone else with the information or encouragement that I have provided, please donate below.   At the very least, contact me and let me know so that I may be encouraged!  By donating and supporting me, you will allow me to continue to work on behalf of others and still support my family and our efforts to help others recover naturally as well.

*Thank you for contacting Passionate For Truth.  By contacting me you are consenting to receive email newsletters, updates and or latest posts from Passionate For Truth.  You may unsubscribe at any time.

**I am not a doctor.  The information shared on this website and during consultations is not meant to diagnose, treat or prescribe.  I am here to share my journey, the information that I’ve uncovered, and encourage you in your research and recovery.  I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe and none of the information is to be considered as such.  For all changes, be sure to check with your health practitioner.  All medical decisions are yours.

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Passionate For Truth
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by Jessica Kane
Hard to find support

It’s not every day I come across someone like Rachelle who is so knowledgeable and can speak from true experience. After meeting with so many doctors and practitioners it was refreshing to be able to process everything that I was told and get some assistance with how to get started with so many new dietary changes. I plan on scheduling future consults with her as I proceed on this journey, and I’m truly thankful that she is someone who is in my corner moving forward. Almost like having a super informative and helpful friend to decipher a complex and emotional process. Highly recommend.

 by Kimberly L.
So great!

Rachelle was so kind and understanding. We went over so many things and I feel like I have great information to move forward with. She was understanding and encouraging, and I am so happy that I met with her. Having someone who can relate and understand not only what you are going through, but also has real life experience in dealing with some of the very same details was huge. I left our meeting feeling like there is hope!

 by Jenn
Thank You!

Meeting with Rachelle was just what I needed. She gave me such great information and encouraged me as a mother to keep fighting for my daughter's seizure recovery. I highly recommend meeting with her!

 by Lynnae

Rachelle is so great to work with and has such a wealth of knowledge! She gave such practical advice, tips and even worked out a protocol for us to allow us to help recover seizures naturally. We are so grateful for her! Thank you 🙂

 by Hannah
Confirmation and Insight

Thank you so much for your insight into helping my daughter's seizure recovery. Your understanding of what we go through and your encouragement were an added bonus to the knowledge that you shared to help us when we were stuck as to how to move forward.

 by Michelle B
Thank you!

Thank you Rachelle for the very insightful and helpful consult! Feeling like I had no one to speak to about the challenges of perimenopause, you gave me such great advice and made me feel like there is a light at the end of my hormone struggle! I now have a real, do-able plan for my future and I thank you for that! God bless!

 by Chloe
Thank you 🙂

Rachelle was great. She had such a friendly approach that made me feel right at home from the beginning. She gave me a few useful nuggets which have already improved my life tremendously! Although all of our situations are unique she gave me the confidence and inspiration to keep looking. Now I have firmed up the diagnosis with my neurologist (an initial step I was keen to take) I am looking forward to meeting with Rachelle again to discuss my options going forwards! It’s wonderful to feel you have someone ‘on side’, not least of all someone who clearly has so much energy, knowledge and experience on the subject.

 by Catherine Newman
A Vessel of Hope

I had my first consultation with Rachelle 2 weeks ago. Sometimes people are destined to come into your life that are positive, like minded and have great belief that there is more beyond conventional medicine to bring us hope. My daughter is 4 years old and 6 weeks ago after an awful virus infection and antibiotics started to have over 50 absence seizures per day, sometimes up to 100 per day. I was lucky enough to consult with Rachelle early in our healing journey to provide guidance and advice on what steps to take next. Rachelle is one of the most knowledgeable, and kindest people I have had the pleasure to meet, and I will stay in touch with Rachelle to seek guidance along this road to health for my daughter.

 by George
Thank God for Rachelle

For 3 years I've been searching for someone/something to help me with my daughter. She's had a few seizures in these 3 years and though not many, 1 seizure is too many. Rachelle is exactly what I've been looking for and I don't think she even knows how thankful I am to have connected with her. We have just started our journey with Rachelle, but we are very confident that because of the experience and knowledge that she possesses, we will get this taken care of with our daughter. Thanks Rachelle. You are a God send. ❤☺🙏

 by Hayley
Missing Pieces

My daughter has suffered with Epilepsy for 12 years since the age of 2. For the past 3 1/2 years I have known that my daughters periods have been causing her seizures however a trip to the Endocrinologist came up short offering no solutions. From there I just did not know what to look for or where to start, until I found Rachelle. I am so grateful for the work you do Rachelle, for if it were not for you I would still be searching for the missing pieces of the puzzle. Doctors do not give you the vital information that Rachelle shares, nor do they give you a safe and effective solution to your problem. I feel like the veil has been lifted and now I share this information as widely as possible as I know there are a lot of people who need to know about hormones and seizures! We are on the right track now and my daughter continues to improve with better behaviors and less seizures!! Rachelle is so generous with her time by responding to Facebook posts and her knowledge that she gives so freely. Thank you so much Rachelle. If I am ever in your neck of the woods I will come and give you a big thank you hug!!

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