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“Breadless Life Survival”


Grain Free Bread Recipe Guide




Recovering from seizures, migraines, PCOS, severe PMS, thyroid imbalance, brain fog and more was the driving factor in our decision to change the way that we ate to regain our health.  It is a tough decision to make for many, but when you come to that place where you are just desperate enough to try anything, the decisions to remove harmful foods from your diet become a ‘no-brainer’.  Removing gluten, and then later grain, was our first step to a whole new life and life more abundantly!

When you first begin your journey to improve your health, a new way of eating and cooking can seem daunting and overwhelming, to say the least. The hardest thing for my family was to feel like we were eating fulfilling and normal meals in my desire to have us all go grain-free and gluten-free to support my daughters health recovery. We were entering the world that many others had gone before us into what I lovingly called ‘The Breadless Life’. As former bread lovers (and current bread lovers – just in a new way!) and bread addicts, this was devastating. The only thing more devastating was the health of my daughter. The desire to reverse her seizure activity and debilitating migraines was stronger than the desire to continue eating pasta and sandwiches as we had always done. I’ve spent countless hours searching for, re-doing, and creating bread recipes that have easy to find, simple to use ingredients.

Living in the mountain jungle of Costa Rica, I am a far cry from the nearest Whole Foods market laden with all of the ‘alternative’ ingredients your grain free heart could ever hope to get ahold of! Surviving A Breadless Life – Bread Recipe Guide is to help you start off with some of our favorite bread recipes. We have made these recipes over and over again with the limited ingredients that we can find in our little place on this earth. Making eating ‘normal’ again was my goal. I want you to feel like you have some tried and true, family tested, flavorful and easy recipes to help you as you begin changing your diet to improve your health.  The recipes included in this guide will give you a great start in having something to make for every meal of the day. They include easy to find or easy to make ingredients and are also very easy to put together.

My suggestion to anyone changing their eating lifestyle would be to pick one new recipe per week. Make it often enough that it becomes natural to you to where you hardly even need the recipe. Then you have something quick to make no matter what is going on in your life. After you get one new recipe down-pat, then you can pick a new one to add to your menu. The more you make each one, the easier it is to rotate them into your own meal planning and be creative with these basics. I’ve tried to cover everything from breakfast to dessert and things in between for each bread-based meal. I hope that you find these recipes as yummy and helpful as they have been to me and my family. Thanks for letting me be a part of your journey to improve your health!