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Progesterone To Estrogen Ratio Calculator

Understanding your hormone lab results can be a real challenge.  Progesterone readings come in a measurement of ng per ml., and Estrogen comes in a measurement of pg per ml.  I remember the mathematic gymnastics that I had to try to pull off in order to get my ratio of progesterone to estrogen to see just how bad my daughter’s estrogen dominance was, and how low her progesterone had tanked!

Catamenial seizures are seizures that are related to the changes in hormone levels throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle.  Women who suffer from catamenial seizures can experience them right before their period starts, during the first few days of their period, or around ovulation.  Estrogen is known to be an excitatory hormone, prone to causing seizure activity, whereas progesterone has a calming effect and has been shown to be effective in recovering catamenial seizure activity as well as reducing brain inflammation from traumatic brain injury.

Having a good picture of what your hormones are doing and when they are doing them is critical for understanding not only seizure activity, but any sort of symptoms that can be caused by estrogen dominance such as migraines, endometriosis, PCOS, and much more.  Even for peri-menopausal women it can be helpful to see your hormone levels as you work through your later in life hormonal transition.

This progesterone to estrogen ratio calculator will make understanding your hormone labs so much easier and give you a picture of what you are dealing with so that you can make the proper decisions on how to move forward in your symptom recovery.


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