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A Mom’s Perspective On Vaccines


I’ve watched my daughter suffer through seizure activity due to vaccine injury enough times in my life to stress even the toughest person out.  Because of this, I wanted to share a mom’s perspective on vaccines.  My perspective from my experience.

Coupled with heartache, fear, frustration and exhaustion comes guilt that can choke you, can make it difficult to breathe.  This is partially my fault.  If I had made a different choice, or if I had known then what I know now, I could have decided a different course of action for my child.  Who would ever think to question vaccines?  How could it be anything other than a good thing for your family?  Didn’t we eradicate polio with vaccines?  A doctor would never recommend something that could destroy my child’s health and alter his/her future forever….

I was completely unaware that any risk came with the administration of a vaccine.  I was so trusting, and was such a good parent to make sure that everything was on schedule as recommended for my child, just as I know you are.  The internet wasn’t a ‘thing’ then, so other than possibly hearing something on the evening news, how was I to know there were two sides to what is a huge debate?  I read every book out there about how to raise a child, what to expect throughout my pregnancy, throughout their first year.  I could tell you everything about feeding schedules, breastfeeding and its benefits, the safest car seats, you name it!  It never even crossed my mind that I should be researching something that was a given … administering vaccines to your child.

How naïve I was.  We’re taught to introduce new solid foods to our children slowly over the course of several days in order to watch for allergic reactions.  However, go in blindly when the well baby checkup arrives and they want to give our children eight or more injections at once with vaccines that contain live virus, bacteria, heavy metals, poison and other things that are toxic or dangerous to our bodies if we come across them outside of a vaccination.  Knowing what I know now, I can tell you that a mom’s perspective can change.  Sadly, most times it only changes after you experience it for yourself.  I’m hoping that this information can help you with your perspective prior to any tragic consequences.

The main thing to understand about vaccines is that each person has a different genetic makeup, and each person can and will respond differently to everything in their life.  Their experience, their personality, their perspective, their allergic responses, their DNA.  It is because of this that vaccines may damage one person in one way, and another in a completely different way.  It is why some people can see the effects of a vaccine immediately as in my daughter’s case, and others may never make the connection because the damage was subtle and took years, sometimes decades to do all of the damage.

For all of the people that I have spoken with, doctors included (and there have been plenty, trust me!) who have fared well after vaccinations, I couldn’t be happier for you that you are not suffering damage and the changes that can steer your life in a direction you never imagined.  I have had doctors tell me to my face, as my daughter is having seizure activity, that vaccines don’t cause seizures.  That her immediate reaction after receiving her Kindergarten shots was in no way related to her seizures, even though she had never had one prior to those injections.  I think that it scares people to think that, or any other consequence like autism, brain damage, auto-immune, or the huge number of other illnesses could be a possibility (let alone death)  if they really wanted to think about it.  It still cuts deep when people say that is the risk we take, but since it’s really only one in 10,000 who’s affected negatively by vaccines, that for the ‘greater good’ it’s worth it.  I wonder if they would still say that if their child was that ‘one’?

Be careful to discount the people who are in the public eye who are calling attention to the dangers of vaccines because they’re not credible in your eyes.  Who is more credible than those who have lived it, experienced it, researched it because their life and the life of their child depends on it?  Give some credit to the parent who goes into the doctor’s office with their happy, healthy baby and walks out with a child who isn’t who they came in with.  For those parents, correlation does equal causation.  Parents know their child better than anyone!!!

The main thing that I have to offer to others is my experience.  My story.  My compassion, empathy, and understanding.  I can offer hope through our victories.  I can point you in a direction that you may not know exists because I’ve been there and walked through it already myself.  I have experience, information and knowledge because of my journey.  I’m here to encourage you and hopefully empower you to take back your life, your health, your decisions.  There is power in truth.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted is to know The Truth!!!

Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.  Rock the boat if you need to in order to get some results or answers for your health or the health of your child.  Be ready to be ridiculed – it’s okay!  If you don’t follow the herd, you challenge it.  We need to take back our thinking and not swallow everything hook line and sinker because it’s been repeated so long that it must be true.

When it comes to your health, you can be in charge and change things!  Just because you may be ‘anti’ something, doesn’t mean that you haven’t done your own research, asked your own questions, and experienced things for yourself which have more value than blindly following someone or some line of thought just because the world says you should!  I pray that you are reading this before something terrible has happened and you now have some reason to check things out for yourself.  If you are here because you can relate, we need to stick together, share our stories, encourage each other, help each other and work toward reversing any damage that can be reversed.

I am here today, moving forward toward what God has for me and my family.  It doesn’t shock Him that vaccine injury and subsequent, cascading health problems happened to my daughter.  He’s not moved by the challenges that we have faced and by His grace have overcome.  The main reason for me to look back is to see all of the great things that God has done in my daughter’s life and our family’s life.  I will trust Him with all of our future because He is faithful!

“When the public trusts blindly, often what is most at risk is the truth.”
Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC Co-Founder and President

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