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MCT Oil and Epilepsy

Research shows that the ketogenic diet is one of the best treatments for drug-resistant epilepsy. But researchers have found that adherence to a high fat diet can be difficult for some people. That challenge can be overcome by adding MCT oil to a regular diet instead. In one study, a man who had a history of multiple daily seizures added several tablespoons of MCT oil per day to his diet and the number of seizures decreased to one seizure every four days.

In another study that compared MCTs to the epilepsy drug Valproate, MCTs were shown to be more effective in epilepsy control and provided improved neuroprotection. Researchers concluded that the study of MCTs provides an exciting new area of research that can potentially offer stronger and safer epilepsy treatments.

The relationship between MCTs, ketones and epilepsy control are not yet fully understood. But it has been noted that MCTs directly inhibit glutamate receptors which are partially responsible for seizures, raise the seizure threshold and stimulate cells to make more mitochondria. (Read More)



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