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Letter From A Vaccine Mom

The following is an excerpt from a letter that a mother of two vaccine injured children wrote in response to a video that a family member had shared with her. The main point of the video was to say that vaccines did not cause autism. The video was of a young person who provided no evidence, information, nor article to support his ‘opinion’. The difference between an opinion piece of a person who has never studied the research for himself versus the documentation of a well-educated, well-studied, first-hand account of a parent with a child with autism or other vaccine injury is astounding.

No matter where you stand on the vaccine ‘debate’, credence needs to be given to the families of the suffering children who have spent their lives since the triggered event trying to get the information they need to help their children recover.  Most who speak out against vaccines, or who make a connection between a vaccine and their child’s condition, have plenty of information that they have gathered, let alone the ‘test case’ that their own child becomes in getting to the bottom of the condition and its cause/causes.

The names in the following letter that I am posting below have been initialized for her family’s privacy. I share this with you because information needs to be heard from the vaccine moms themselves. Many of them have done enough study and advocacy on behalf of their own children that they could receive an honorary doctorate in their own right in their specific area of concern.   Vaccine moms have gone through enough with their vaccine injured child that they need to be heard and supported.


Here is the letter excerpt (in response to the above mentioned video of the young person):

“Saying the video is infuriating is an understatement. The shaming and condescension evokes holy righteous anger. Not for myself but for all the young mothers who have valid reasons to at the very least question this societal movement to infringe and impede a parent’s right to decide for their own children. Especially for those like K (her healthy daughter) who had several pediatricians refuse to take G (her grandson) as a patient because she was wanting to delay vaccines or give them at a slower schedule while having verifiable medical reasons for the deviation. Thank God for her Dr. she has now. We are reopening J (vaccine injured son) and C‘s (vaccine injured daughter) files and doing new genetic testing. I think I told you but prior to this Dr. accepting G he had just read a journal article about some research done in Australia that showed kids with a specific genetic makeup were found to be affected neurologically by vaccinations as well as exposure to other illnesses.

Some things to consider:
1) Back in the day when we immunized our children they gave us a flyer-kind of a disclosure stating the statistical information on adverse reactions–which shows there are kids who have adverse reactions! I don’t know if they still hand those out?

2) I always tell any mother, ask for the immunization vial insert from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. There is a long list of contraindications. (For example, I did not know that according to the manufacturer the DPT should not have been given to kids with neurological problems and they kept giving them to J). At least there used to be a list of contraindications–with this massive effort to immunize ALL I don’t know where we are anymore as a society when it comes to full disclosure, honesty and truthfulness.

3) Most opposition to the anti-vaccination movement is based on there being no credible scientific evidence such as this uniformed child on the video asserts. Had I not had the experiences I have had I would have agreed and made this assertion myself. However, as you know, once I actually read the manufacturer’s insert and discovered that children with neurological issues OR THEIR SIBLINGS should not be given the DPT we asked that C be given just the DT because from research we determined it was the Pertussis that was statistically causing higher adverse reactions. At C‘s 6 months immunizations appointment, after she received them, based on a discussion with the nurse we came to believe C was given the DPT anyway. That was when she began having neurological symptoms like not holding her head up or being able to sit up. We went to THREE different Drs. and asked that they give her a Titer Test to confirm or deny that she had been given the DPT. They each refused us. It was a simple blood test. We asked the lab directly but they said we had to have a Dr.’s order.

Previous to this experience with C, J was 18 months old and had the most severe reaction (he had high pitched screaming and high fevers with all his immunizations but this time he had convulsions, shock collapse and stopped breathing) just a few hours after his immunizations. He was admitted to the … Hospital ICU for a few days. We thought we were going to lose him but God was gracious to us. The day we got home I received a weird call from the health clinic telling me that our pediatrician, Dr. A wanted me to know that this was not caused by the immunizations. Our pediatrician wasn’t even aware of the situation as he did not have hospital privileges in (the city) and J was being treated by the (city’s) on-call pediatrician. He later confirmed he had no knowledge of the situation at the time I received the call from the health clinic. And if this weren’t enough to make me skeptical, I later came across this:

4) Here is another important link that I believe every mother must consider. It is an open letter to legislators who are considering mandatory vaccine legislation. It is rich with evidence that should at least cause people to take pause and not be so ready to forward/share such condescending videos. (Not every anti-immunization proponent is young, uneducated and hysterical.)  http://vibrantchildren.com/tag/safety-vaccine-protocol/

I have read those who have opposed this author (who happens to have a PhD in immunology) and have not been convinced by them. On the contrary, it has increased my confidence in what she asserts. One of the bloggers, and I say blogger because he had a bachelor’s degree in biology and works for a “medical company”, made an amateur attempt. Another dissenting post was found at sciencebasedmedicine.com. Sounds real science based huh? This blogger is a retired MD but lost me when she refuted the immunologist’s stellar research by deriding her definition of immunology. She does so by comparing it to Wikipedia’s definition of immunology. That’s right, Wikipedia! As a psychology adjunct faculty member, I did not even allow Wikipedia to be used as a source in my classes.  (https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/why-does-this-immunologist-reject-vaccinations/)

5) Also, I have personally experienced doctors frequent condescending responses. They rolled their eyes and made condescending remarks when I asked for the DT vaccine because of the controversy surrounding the DPT and when I asked for the dead polio vaccination (IPV) rather than the live one (OPV) because I read children were contracting Polio from the live vaccination. Now interestingly, the DPT has been replaced with the DTaP and the USA quit using the OPV since 2000.”



We all are responsible for our own decisions.  I with other vaccine moms are simply trying to get the word out to everyone that there is more than one side to a story.  Our side is full of experience, documentation, hardship, heartache and tears.  It warrants being considered for your own child’s sake and safety as well.

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