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Why The DUTCH Hormone Test Is The Most Comprehensive



Hormone imbalances come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.  Everything from menopause to PMS, migraines to seizures, fatigue and low libido can be symptoms of an imbalance that can lead to more serious problems in the future if not dealt with correctly.  The most difficult part of getting to a root cause of chronic health issues is properly identifying what that root problem is.  Once at the root, many health issues can be corrected with proper protocols to recover and re-balance the body into homeostasis.  The DUTCH hormone test can provide the information that you need.

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Dried Urine Test For Comprehensive Hormones : DUTCH


The DUTCH test was created to provide insight into many of these concerns.  It has been designed to provide the most complete assessment of sex and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites, in one easy to administer test available in the comfort of your own home. The DUTCH test tests your reproductive and adrenal hormones as well as melatonin and oxidative stress.  No blood to draw, spitting in tubes or filling up jugs of urine. The DUTCH test uses a dried urine collection process that is great for baseline measurements of women with hormonal imbalances and for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) monitoring. Once receiving the results of your DUTCH test, you can work with your medical professional to achieve optimum hormone balance.




More than just a test for the reproductive hormones, the DUTCH hormone test adds testing for metabolites and is able to focus on androgens (testosterone, DHT), as well as break down estrogens further to see if their may be metabolism issues involved.  One of the most exciting parts of the DUTCH hormone test is the daily cortisol component which improves urine testing because it includes getting a full picture of all hormones throughout the day:  Cortisol metabolites rather than just the free cortisol reading,  progesterone and melatonin, as well as more specific readings overall for the estrogens are all included in the DUTCH hormone test, which when combined with all of the other findings will give the best overall picture in order for health professionals to make the best clinical decisions for each person.

The total hormones tested with the DUTCH hormone test include:

  • Cortisol
  • Cortisone


  • Estradiol
  • Estrone
  • Estriol





As the DUTCH hormone test was made originally to improve on the saliva model,  it is easier to collect a urine sample on filter paper four time/day vs. trying to collect saliva in sample tubes.  The desire was for a more comprehensive test that included cortisol to show its connection with the other hormones.  Because you are getting a reading of cortisol throughout the entire day, when you can look at the dried urine samples it can be seen just how much metabolized cortisol is being produced by the adrenals, .  Not only does it show the production of cortisol, but it can also give great insight to the pattern of cortisol throughout the day.  If there is dis-function in cortisol production patterns, the DUTCH hormone test can pinpoint that more easily.  Many are suffering with an abundance of cortisol being produced, but a small portion of it being bio-available to the body.  Since cortisol production and free cortisol are not the same thing, it is critical to have a picture of both for the purpose of understanding how the body is not only producing, but using cortisol.  This can affect everything from sleep to stress to weight gain and even obesity.

Getting a good picture of the communication or network between the brain (hypothalamus and pituitary glands) and the adrenal glands shows if things are working as they should.  If your adrenals are affected, for example, as ‘adrenal fatigue’ has become more well known, it will most likely affect all of your neuro-endocrine systems: your thyroid, insulin metabolism, all sex hormones, your energy, and your brain. With the specific results of the comprehensive DUTCH hormone test, you and your medical professional can better optimize your treatment according to your exact, specific needs.




The DUTCH hormone test is able to break down estrogen levels even further to understand the estrogen metabolites to estrogen metabolism pathways and is able to see if a person is actually clearing estrogen properly.  Because this test shows how you metabolize estrogen through your liver. This is very important for understanding estrogen’s role in cancer risks.  If you don’t metabolize estrogen well, your risks of estrogen-related cancers such as breast, cervical and uterine cancer can increase.  It is also important for uncovering nutrient deficiencies and things like  MTHFR genetic defects which compromise metabolites and inhibit methylation.  Methylation is like a switch inside your body that control everything from your stress response and how your body makes energy from food, to your brain chemistry and detoxification.  If you have a shortage of methyl groups, or your methylation cycle is interrupted, any or all of these processes can become compromised, and you could get sick.  The DUTCH hormone test is also able to see more specific readings of overall estrogen at the different phases of a woman’s cycle, which can also be much more useful clinically for the best possible reading for a patient’s individual situation.

Discovering estrogen dominance is another very important aspect of the DUTCH hormone test.  Estrogen dominance can wreak havoc on women and may be seen in things like migraines, seizures, PCOS, PMS, and endometriosis let alone sleep problems, anxiety, its part in perimenopause/menopause and a host of other conditions.  Estrogen dominance occurs when progesterone is too low, or estrogen climbs much higher than it should it its rightful place in proper hormone balance.  With all of the estrogen ‘mimickers’ in our surroundings (chemicals, plastics, etc.), estrogen dominance seems to have become more common that we would like to see.




Our body is a fine-tuned machine, and the proper balance and function of our hormones can make or break our health.  The great part about understanding your hormones through the use of the DUTCH hormone test is that you can get a picture of the root of many issues that can be rectified with the right protocols.

  1.  If you are experiencing sleep problems like waking in the middle of the night, inability to sleep, and/or waking without feeling rested, for example, checking cortisol, melatonin, and your overall adrenal function can be beneficial to see not only the amounts that you have, but their production, usage and rhythm .
  2.  If you have reasons to be using Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, it is a wonderful, comprehensive look at how everything is working together for keeping your hormones optimized.
  3. Seeing how your body metabolizes estrogen is very important.  From everything to estrogen dominance to estrogen related cancer risks, monitory your estrogen to progesterone ratio is a must.
  4. An overall look at reproductive and adrenal hormones is always beneficial in that it can give insight into PCOS, PMS, irregular periods, fibroids, endometriosis and even fertility problems.
  5. Low DHEA can contribute to fatigue, depression, lowered immune response, loss of libido, aching joints and even muscle mass and bone density.
  6. Extreme estrogen dominance can contribute to migraines and catamenial seizures.  Knowing your estrogen to progesterone ratio is critical for proper treatment.




Seizure activity can be caused by many different things.  From triggers, to imbalances to injuries, getting to the root of the individual’s issue can seem like a puzzle that will never be completed.  For us, seizure recovery involved many different components and required many different protocols to rectify all of the issues that contributed to a low seizure threshold and sub-optimal brain/nerve health.

Before there was a DUTCH Test, we were forced to use the only other available hormone testing methods.  While they each provided some good information, we were still lacking in the details that we needed to put together the puzzle completely.  We found that everything that the DUTCH Test revealed was connected to seizure activity and the key to much of the recovery process, which is why I recommend the DUTCH Test to all of those I work with.



It’s easy! Once you order your DUTCH test, it will be mailed directly to you for you to administer yourself in the ease and comfort of your own home.  It comes with complete instructions.  You are provided with an envelope with little strips to dip in your urine, and a plastic bag for storing your specimens until mailing. Be sure to read all of the instructions carefully, and for more information you can watch the instructional video here.  Trust me after years of personal experience – this is such a great change from trying to gather and ship a container of urine!




Everyone’s hormones are unique to them.  Each result will be a ‘photograph’ of what’s going on at a core level.  The wonderful part of knowing the details of your hormone levels, production, activity and metabolism is that your balancing of hormones can be tailored to your specific areas of concern.  It could be something simple like a dietary change to reduce your estrogen burden, or finding ways to remove stress from your life.  Deficient vitamins or minerals can be easily added to allow your hormones to function properly, and bio-identical, natural hormones may be just what you need to help re-balance.

Working with the results of your DUTCH hormone test with the proper medical professional can be the very thing you need to regain optimum health and understand where your struggles or weaknesses lie to move forward with an understanding of what you need to live life to the fullest!  See your medical professional to design the protocol most beneficial for your recovery and good health.

I, Rachelle Burke from Passionate For Truth, have not only worked and trained with, but studied under, hormone experts and Precision Analytical (the lab that created the DUTCH Test).  Based on much of this training and my exhaustive years of research I have also helped my daughter recover seizures fully.  I am well-versed in the DUTCH Test findings and how they could relate to seizure activity.  I would love to work with you from my specialty vantage point.  Please contact me for a consult to go over your findings to see if some of the results may be a factor in your moving forward with your seizure recovery.


  • See if the DUTCH Test is right for you.
  • Receive step by step test instructions.
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Do not take any supplements without speaking to your doctor first.

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