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Seizure Activity Can Be Changed By Removing Gluten.


After all of the years of seizure activity in my daughter, I began to differentiate between all of the many things that seemed to weaken her in an attempt to narrow down different seizure activators or triggers.  The difficult part was that her health had become so compromised that it was a challenge to really be able to isolate all of the possible triggers in order figure out each one specifically.  One day in my typical time of research, I stumbled across the possible connection between gluten and seizures. That was the day we began to see that seizure activity can be changed by removing gluten.

Although the ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb diet designed and proven for the purpose of seizure cure, I had never completely made the connection of removing something specific from your diet in order to stop seizure activity as well as heal damage from seizures.   I came across an article by Dogtor J, a veterinarian who was describing the link that he had found in his animal patients between their diet and seizures. He had found that it extended into being true for people that he knew who suffered from seizure activity as well.

It was so exciting to me to see that someone had made a connection that was medicine free and doable!!  We immediately began changing our diet to remove all gluten (primarily bread and pasta at first).  I say we, because I wanted to support my daughter in all of the different changes that we were making so that she didn’t feel all alone in the misery of it!  It was unbelievable to see the difference in her energy levels, headache and migraine frequency and even petite mal seizure activity upon removing just those two things (not to mention the benefits I was seeing in myself)!

Don’t get me wrong – the change rocked our world!!!  Being pizza, pasta and cracker lovers, this was as good as death to our joys of food!  It’s not until you have to pay attention and not do something that you realize the place that it had in your life.  We are surrounded with quick foods and yummy foods that are nothing but bread (even breading on healthy foods like fish or chicken).  Being on the go and grabbing something quick to eat becomes a near impossibility just when you remove bread alone.  Our challenges had just begun, but more on that another day.

We have been gluten free for 1 1/2 years now, and have gradually made other changes in diet only to see that with each progression or change, the seizure activity has diminished significantly.  It is more than worth it to me to remove something that you think you can’t live without in order to regain health and life.  Eventually you adjust and you become creative with your food, but more than that, after time you don’t even miss what you thought you couldn’t live without!  Being seizure free is the goal, so if change is the key, bring on the change!

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