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Gluten Can Cause Brain Nerve Damage.


There are a vast number of people suffering from an array of disorders and annoying symptoms with no real answers as to why.  Many of these problems are focused on the brain and brain activity.  Brain fog and migraines are commonplace with a large number of people and we have just come to accept the problems as a part of life.  There has got to be relief and a way of getting real answers to reversing these health problems.

More and more studies are being done that show that gluten can cause brain nerve damage.  Gluten has been found to have very negative effects on our central nervous system leading to everything from alzheimers, to psychiatric disorders, and migraines.

In the following video, Dr. Vikki Peterson references studies that show that gluten affects the brain in ways that can lead to seizures and more.  She also discusses how she has personally proven the connection between removing gluten and having seizure activity stop with several patients in her own clinical practice.

If you suffer from any kind of brain related health issue, please watch the video and check out the other links.  You may very well not have to suffer in the future!




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