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How To Reduce Vaccine Toxic Effects



The toxic effects of vaccines many times are visible immediately.  Sometimes the effect can be severe like in seizures, for example, and will start right away as it did with my child.  Other times it can be such a gradual change that it may all seem ‘normal’ as it manifests as allergies or asthma.  No matter whether you visibly see the effects or not, vaccines carry toxins that can have profound effects on the life of the recipient as well as the family. Because of my own personal experience, I urge you to be aware of the possibility of damage from vaccines;  should you decide to go forward with the decision to vaccinate, please at least be versed in actions recommended for detoxing the ingredients should you find yourself facing devastating effects post injection.   You may want to have on hand some of these tips from Dr. Russell Blaylock on how to reduce vaccine toxic effects.   (Read More)



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