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Feel Better Fast With This Cold Remedy Tea



Feel better fast with this cold remedy tea the next time someone in your house is battling a cold, cough, or sinus illness.  You just have to gather up a few items that more than likely you have in your kitchen or pantry.  If these items aren’t a regular staple in your natural medicine cabinet (better known as the kitchen), they will definitely be after you try this remedy.

I recently shared the recipe with a friend of mine who was telling me how miserable she had been from a head cold/sinus infection for over two weeks.  She had just finished her antibiotics, and wasn’t feeling any better.  Her poor eyes were watery and glassed over, and you could see how worn out she must have felt just by the look on her face.  Sound familiar?  There was a time when that was all too familiar at my house too, but not anymore!

My kids have dubbed it ‘that gross tea that works’!  Don’t let that scare you away, though. You can adjust it as you need to in order to get a flavor that you can enjoy.  It might not be your favorite combination of flavors, but if you’re like me, it won’t matter cause it works (and you can tweak it to your satisfaction)!!!

There’s no real rhyme or reason at our house when we make this cold remedy tea.  We just have the basics of the ingredients and add them as needed.  Some prefer certain flavors over others, so feel free to experiment.  The basic idea will still get covered and you’ll be amazed how fast you will feel better!

Cold Remedy Tea Ingredients:

Tea of your choosing (preferably organic) – OR Bone Broth



Cayenne Pepper


Lemon (fresh juice is best, but organic concentrate will do)

Honey (pure, real, local)

To make  your cold remedy tea add all, some, most or extra of the listed ingredients into your cup to taste.  It packs a big punch, so be ready!  Each one of the ingredients is known for its own individual anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti bad things properties as well as its own beneficial properties.

You can drink a cup of this several times each day until you recover.  As for my friend, the next day she ran up to me and told me that after the initial shock of the taste (cayenne is the real kicker), she added more honey.  Then, by the following morning she said that her sinuses were clear and that all of her other symptoms were gone!  It was so awesome to see her excitement and now she has joined the club of believers in the ‘gross tea that works’!


**Disclaimer:   I am not a doctor and I don’t play one here at Passionate For Truth. These remedies are shared for your benefit because of my own research and/or personal experience and are for educational purposes only. I hope to encourage you to research some of these possibly ‘newer’ ideas to you for yourself! Remedies shared are not meant to diagnose nor stated to cure any disease. Your medical decisions are completely up to you. None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. See my full disclaimer here.



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