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Easy Almond Butter Recipe


Almond butter has become a staple in my house for making all kinds of gluten and grain free bread items.  We are now enjoying things like grain free waffles, almond nut cookies, chocolate chunk almond butter ice cream, and sweet potato brownies now that I know an easy almond butter recipe!

The health benefits of almonds are vast.  Almonds and almond butter are beneficial for everything from preventing heart disease, to supporting healthy brain function, fighting cancer and inflammation,  to increasing digestive health, and is full of magnesium and phosphorus that are necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and bones.  Using almond butter in your baking is a great way to incorporate all of the health benefits of almonds while maintaining a grain free diet.  Almond butter is also a great replacement for peanut butter if you are trying to stay away from the inflammatory nature of peanuts.

Almond butter can be pricey to purchase, so we found an easy to make almond butter recipe that may help cut the costs.  You can use the recipe here from Wake The Wolves.com to use not only as your morning breakfast spread, but also for any other grain free baked good you want to try.

**Easy Almond Butter Recipe**



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