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Castor Oil Packs External Remedy




When I was first diagnosed with ovarian cysts, my physician shared with me an old remedy to shrink them that I have since found to be the perfect way to get rid of the cysts and relax at the same time!

Castor Oil was recommended for treating many ailments that resist traditional therapies. It can be applied as a balm for skin problems, a soothing tonic for alleviating allergies, and as a “castor oil pack.” Known to conventional medicine only as a strong laxative, this extract of the castor bean is a safe, gentle, easy-to-use remedy for virtually any illness-when it is used externally.

What Is a Castor Oil Pack?

A castor oil pack is an external application of castor oil to the body. A piece of wool (or cotton) flannel is saturated with castor oil and applied to a specified area with, or without, heat.

It was recommended, as part of a holistic approach, for epilepsy, gallstones, scleroderma, constipation (and other intestinal conditions)—just to name a few.    (Read More)




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