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Unblind Your Mind


What you eat matters and does have an affect on your brain.  Scientific studies have proven that food intake can be associated with autism, seizures and other neurological and chronic illnesses.  “…Ingredients, like free glutamate (MSG), are common triggers to many of the symptoms that we associate with disorders like autism and other inflammatory and neurological disorders.”(1)  Unblind your mind and discover the facts behind the affect that food can have in triggering and or healing an underlying negative health condition.

I can attest to the affect that food has on the body as a mother of a vaccine injured child who has been reversing her seizure activity mostly through changes in what she now does, or does not eat.  I have seen dramatic changes in her thyroid function, her sleeping habits, her energy levels right along with the removal of her devastating twice weekly migraines and monthly tonic-clonic seizure activity.  The hundreds of daily absence seizures are a thing of the past, and she can now take her college courses without any issues.  I have seen bad food destroy her body, mind and overall health with a cascading effect, and I have witnessed the halting and reversal of some major health issues by removing the bad foods.  Of course, food change is definitely only one piece of the giant puzzle that is recovering from any condition or illness;  however, if you can unblind your mind and the mind of the ill person by not only removing harmful foods, but replacing with restorative foods, you will be amazed at how the body can recover, regenerate, and be restored to good health.



(1)  http://unblindmymind.org/


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