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The Relationship Between Chronic Illness and Vaccinations.


America and America’s children are in the midst of an epidemic of chronic illness and disability. The relationship between the rise in chronic illness and vaccinations (and the increase of those vaccinations) can’t be ignored.  Today, the Centers for Disease Control admits that one American child in 166 has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.1 In 1970, autism affected four in 10,000 children.2 By 1991, 5,000 autistic children were in the public school system; by 2001, that number had grown to 94,000.3

These brain and immune-system disorders plaguing millions of the most highly vaccinated children in the world are preventing too many of them from thriving, learning, and achieving in the ways past generations of children have thrived, learned, and achieved.

It wasn’t always like this. What is happening to the health of our nation? Could it have anything to do with exposing our children to more and more bacterial and live virus vaccines in the first five years of life, when the brain and immune system develop most rapidly? And could we be compromising the integrity of our immune systems by eliminating all experience of natural infection?




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