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Seizure Free After 20 Years of Research!

Being on video is not my favorite thing by any means …. However, after almost 20 years, we are approaching a seizure free mark of 2 years, and it’s time to let you know more. During this past epoch of time that has included heartache, pain, confusion, frustration, and anxiety, it has also led to gaining hope and developing a passion for answers.  I have come to know and talk to so many others who are just as desperate for answers as I was during this time….knowing that you are experiencing like we did, the feeling that you are all alone, breaks my heart.  Not for me, but for others, I know that it’s time to share more personally!

So that everyone has more of a personal connection rather than being forced to read a bunch of information, I just loaded my first ‘personal’ video on my YouTube channel. Up to this point, the channel has been for the purpose of posting all of the videos and information that I have amassed over our 20 year journey to help our daughter heal seizures and more, but hearing it first hand from someone else who has made it through the fires and trials can truly make all of the difference to your journey.

Be sure to check out (and subscribe to!) my YouTube channel, Passionate For Truth for the videos that we found useful to healing seizures, Catamenial epilepsy, vaccine injury, and many other issues, naturally.  By subscribing there, you will be notified when a new video is uploaded and you won’t miss out on really important, practical information that changed our lives.  That’s one of the best ways to stay tuned for more info, article explanation, lifestyle, recipes and more from my perspective.

Please pray for me as I talk myself into being on video and make the time to share it with you all – I want to always be real! There’s nothing better than hearing things from someone who get’s what you’re going through, has been there, has a few answers or information, and has words of hope and encouragement (I sure know that’s what I wanted!). That’s what I want to do for all of you.

Be sure to subscribe to this website for information updates when I have time to post them (I won’t bombard you, I promise!).  For more personal support and other like minded people, my Facebook Groups Healing Seizures Naturally, Catamenial Epilepsy, and Healing Vaccine Injuries Naturally are available to you whenever you need them.

Thanks for joining with me to spread the word that recovery and healing is possible naturally!

Improving Your Health, One Truth At A Time,

Rachelle Burke

Passionate For Truth

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