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Link Between Heavy Metal Toxins And Autism




Overall, the various causes that have led to the increase in autism diagnosis are likely multi-faceted, and understanding the causes is one of the most important health topics today. We argue that scientific research does not support rejecting the link between the neurodevelopmental disorder of autism and toxic exposures.

In this paper, we argue that increasingly over the past decade, positions that deny a link to environmental toxins and autism are based on relatively weak science and are disregarding the bulk of scientific literature. In this paper, we are not focusing on vaccines, which is but one exposure pathway, but on exposure to toxic heavy metals as a broader class, of which a vaccine containing a heavy metal preservative would be but one possibility of exposure. It should be clear that any link between toxins and autism is almost certainly mediated by one’s genetic makeup, and that other toxins, such as organophosphates (Eskenazi et al. 2007) likely play a role as well.

It cannot be said there is no evidence for a link between heavy metal toxins and autism: although the question may still be open in some, the evidence favors a link.


Acute toxic metal exposure disables the body’s natural ability to buffer them, which then compromises other areas that are involved such as metabolic and neurological functions. This cascading effects result in inability to excrete toxic metals.  Consequently, he accumulation of mercury and other toxic metals in various areas of the body, and the inability to detoxify mercury and other toxic metals leads to significant imbalances of necessary vitamin and mineral levels in the brain and G.I. tract. 

Final destination:  neurological and digestive system effects.

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