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It Won’t Be Like This Forever.


Sometimes it felt like it was going to be like this forever.  No one knew what was wrong, had any idea of the cause, nor how to fix the seizures.  We were diagnosed with things that ‘seemed’ to fit, and the only answer that the mainstream doctors (most in their good intentions) had to help us was prescription drugs, and more prescription drugs.  Oh sure, we all go the doctor prescription route at first.  It’s the normal thing to do.  But after time, if or when the prescriptions prove to not work, cause more problems which lead to more prescriptions, or you become addicted to the prescription or even the idea of needing the medicine, you become desperate.  I became desperate.  There came a time when I was willing to try anything for my daughter and for myself, just to feel better and heal.

It’s not easy taking the road less traveled, researching your symptoms, trying to pinpoint the cause, taking your healing process back into your own hands.  There’s so much unknown, so many questions, so much information, and so much disinformation, just getting through the spider web to try to find what you need to move forward is majorly overwhelming.

My personal healing became secondary to my daughters.  As a mom I was so focused on my daughter’s healing, my concerns for myself went to the wayside of course.  It was only once I joined in to support her with her journey of healing through foods that I began to realize the magnitude of my problems along side of hers.

When my daughter’s seizures began, the first thing we did was put her on anti-seizure medications as the doctor said was the normal course for the petite mal seizures she began having after her kindergarten vaccinations.  It was just within days after starting the prescription that she began experiencing terrible reactions to that medication.  Her hands and arms turned a bright red color like they had been in hot coals.  She was screaming from the pain and nothing we did could stop it.  We immediately stopped the medicine, only later to find out that her body was having a toxic reaction to the prescription.  To make things scarier, later on we discovered that the very medication that had caused her the severe reaction had been pulled from the market due to deaths.  Needless to say, we are grateful for the warning signs of her reaction before we possibly could have dealt with something much worse.

After having a reaction like she did, and attempting one other seizure medication, we saw that nothing good was coming out of that and we were very concerned about the side effects caused by anti-seizure meds (liver damage, for example).  There had to be a different route.

That’s when we began the natural medicine journey, which has taught me more about our bodies and healing than anything else I can imagine.  We have lived it out for more than 17 years and have in our arsenal tried and true remedies and foods that we stand by to this day!  All along the way, the journey has changed and the layers have slowly been peeled revealing new symptoms from toxic buildup, but we have seen progression, growth and victories all along the way.

It really wasn’t until about three years ago that I made the full connection on the magnitude of affect that food can have on our bodies.  I had learned about the dangers of things like flouride, msg, and aspartame, for example, but hadn’t yet made the connection between foods that I thought were ‘real’ and good for you and the damage they could cause.  More than that, I had no idea how much the right foods had such power to allow our bodies to heal!  I should have known – God created all things for us to benefit and be nourished by.  It wasn’t until man got in to mess things up and corrupt even some of the most basic things in life, our food air and water, that our disorders and diseases began to multiply exponentially.

In my never ending effort to help my daughter heal from what had cascaded to everything from petite mal seizures to grand mal seizures, hormone imbalances, malabsorption, weekly migraines, fatigue, and a whole host of other issues, I began to uncover the affect that food could have on her body.  We began unveiling the foods that seemed to continue to push her in a downward spiral of bad health, and began to uncover the foods that would allow her body to heal at the very basic, molecular levels and build back up to what she was intended to be.

For the food portion of the journey we started simple with one thing – going gluten free.  With that as well as with each subsequent change we saw dramatic health advances for her.  Migraines began to diminish, energy started creeping back in, and petite mal seizure activity was reduced.  Each thing was a process and took time to understand and incorporate into our new life.  Of course we also took time to mourn the loss of pizza as we knew it and sandwiches for the on the go meal.  But from where we stand today, it has been worth it a thousand times over and we feel that we have gained more than we have lost.

I hope you will follow along with me as I share our journey and all that we’ve learned.  My desire is to help as many as possible realize that you’re not alone in your suffering and it doesn’t have to be forever!

Here’s to better days ahead for all of us –



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