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Essential Oils


Oh so many reasons to use essential oils as part of your health and wellness protocol!

Did you know that the only sense that is tied directly to our brain, specifically the limbic area is our sense of smell?  The emotional control center of our brain just happens to be the limbic area. When you inhale a pure essential oil, our brain’s sense of smell area picks it up immediately.  Taste, sight, touch and hearing, which are our other four senses, first have to travel through a different part of our brain, the thalamus before they are sent to their designated location.  Because of the fact that our limbic system is also directly tied to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance, the physiological and psychological effects of therapeutic-grade essential oils are incredible. Each particular essential oils has therapeutic properties which include:  stimulation, calming, sedating, and overal balancing. When you inhale an essential oil molecule, it will travel to a receptor neuron through your nasal passage which transports it up to the limbic part of your brain, particularly the hypothalamus.  This portion of your brain responds to your outside stimulus and is ultimately the responsible part in controlling your physical, psychological, and emotional responses . Essential oils are a very powerful tool to aid with many health conditions due to their ability to target your brain in such a specific and amazing manner!





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