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Delicious Homemade Almond Milk

Delicious Homemade Almond Milk

by Steven Douglas


Those looking for a dairy-free milk substitute have probably tried or considered using almond milk. Whether you’re sensitive to milk or a vegan, almond milk is a great low-fat alternative. Almonds are a fabulous plant-based, energy-dense nutritional source containing fiber, antioxidants, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E. There are also numerous health benefits associated with almonds to include:

  • • Lower blood sugar levels.
  • • Reduced blood pressure.
  • • Lower cholesterol.
  • • Curbed hunger.
  • • Heart health.
  • • Reduced inflammation.
  • • Weight loss.

Unfortunately, store-bought almond milk is mostly water with a small percentage of almonds, it’s expensive, and it contains additives like sugar, natural flavor, lecithin, and various gums. Homemade almond milk on the other hand, costs less, is loaded with almonds, and is devoid of the processed ingredients. Making homemade almond milk is fun and easy to do, and the following ingredients and recipe can me modified to suit individual taste.

Delicious Homemade Almond Milk


• 1 cup raw organic almonds (soaked for at least 8 hours).

• 4 cups of cold, filtered water. • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract.

• 1-2 (pitted) dates (honey or stevia can also be used).

• 1/2 tsp sea salt.


• Soak 1 cup of almonds overnight in filtered water with 1/2 tsp sea salt for at least 8 hours.

• Rinse well then put almonds in a blender or Vitamix and add 4 cups of cold, filtered water.

• Add 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract.

• Add 1-2 (pitted) dates.

• Add a pinch of sea salt to bring out the sweetness of the vanilla and dates (optional).

• Blend for 1-2 minutes until smooth and creamy.

• Strain mixture into a large bowl through a cheesecloth, sprout bag or kitchen towel.

• Pour into a glass jar or pitcher and refrigerate for 3-5 days.


Notes Save the almond pulp to create almond flour, use as a face scrub or to make almond crackers, bread or muffins. Enjoy!


If you wish to share this recipe, please provide the link back to this recipe here on my website wherever you may share it. If you make changes to the recipe, I ask that you rewrite the recipe in your own words as well as provide a link back to this recipe giving credit as the original recipe that you adapted from. Thank you for your integrity and support! (Plus, I would love to know what changes you make in your own creativity and flavor palates so that we can all benefit from each other!)

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  1. Sherlyn Cevera
    September 27, 2017

    My husband uses this recipe to make almond milk every two or three days. I use his almond meal that is left over to make almond flour. I just dehydrate it after I spread it out on a piece of parchment. I bake it on 200-250 F until it is crunchy. Then I grind it in a coffee grinder. What a savings: almond milk and almond flour!

    1. PFT1
      December 21, 2017

      Awesome idea – nothing goes to waste and you get double the fun! Thanks for sharing!!

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