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Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream

When I first realized that dairy was causing all kinds of problems in our family from everything to digestive issues to actually triggering migraine and seizure activity, we knew it had to ‘hit the road’ and not come back anymore in our home.  That, dear reader, was a sad day for us.  The implications were far reaching – this didn’t just mean milk, it meant cheese, and it meant ICE CREAM!  In a move of desperation to make an iced mocha, I had an epiphany.  I thought that maybe if I tried to make ice cream with coconut milk, I might be able to regain some happiness in ‘treat’ land at our house, and gain some of the healthy benefits of coconut milk in our diets at the same time.  That’s when the experimentation began, and we came up with a wonderful, healthy, Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream recipe that hits the spot!  The best part about this recipe is that it can be a great base for whatever ice cream flavor you want to create in your kitchen!  You can tweak the added flavors however you like – taste the coconut a little more, or make whatever added flavors you choose as the ‘shining star’, but whatever way you choose, you can combine healthy eating with yummy eating!





  1. Whisk 2 eggs well in a glass bowl.
  2. Add sugar and continue to whisk the sugar in with the eggs until blended into a smooth mix.
  3. Add salt and vanilla and blend in well to the egg and sugar mix.
  4. Pour coconut milk into the bowl and mix all ingredients together.
  5. Place your ice cream mix into the freezer for approx. 1 hour – this sets up the mix to be a creamier finished product!
  6. Take your frozen, prepared ice cream ‘drum’ out of the freezer and set up your ice cream maker.
  7. Start the ice cream maker, and slowly and gently pour the ice cream ingredients to the center of the running ice cream maker.
  8. Let the ice cream maker run for a minimum 0f 20 minutes – you will know when your ice cream is ready by the thick and creamy texture.
  9. Scoop yourself a nice big bowl of healthy ice cream and store the rest in your freezer for another time!


**Dairy Free Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream

**Dairy Free Chocolate Chunk Almond Butter Ice Cream

**For Peppermint ice cream you can add crushed pieces of candy cane a little at a time to the ice cream maker as it is churning.

**For Mango/Coconut (my favorite!), you can add dried coconut flakes and either mango pulp (juice will make things more icy than creamy, just fyi) or dice firm mango into small pieces and gently and slowly add the mango pieces to the churning ice cream.


Be creative with your added flavors for fun and health benefits, and be sure to comment below and share your added creations!



If you wish to share this recipe, please provide the link back to this recipe here on my website wherever you may share it. If you make changes to the recipe, I would ask that you rewrite the recipe in your own words as well as provide a link back to this recipe giving credit as the original recipe that you adapted from. Thank you for your integrity and support! (Plus, I would love to know what changes you make in your own creativity and flavor palates so that we can all benefit from each other!)

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