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Canned Tomatoes Can Be Dangerous.


Creating your own marinara sauce from scratch is a must, as there are no flavors quite like what you can create in your own kitchen with fresh herbs and spices.  When it comes to what tomatoes to use, it’s easy to grab a can from the pantry that you had bought at the store for just such a time when you are craving some pasta.  But did you know that can tomatoes can be dangerous?

Beware, however,  that the canned tomatoes that you purchased is more than likely affected with the hormone disrupting chemical BPA (bisphenol-a).  Most of us are aware that BPA is used in baby bottles, water bottles, and plastic food storage containers, but unaware that the synthetic estrogen resin BPA is a also used to coat the lining of the cans of tomatoes we use for convenience in our cooking.  The stand alone dangers of canned foods are enough because of the aluminum and BPA lining, but canned tomatoes increase the risk of problems because they are acidic.  The acid in the tomatoes breaks down the BPA lining, which causes it to seep out of the can’s lining and into the food itself in amounts that are dangerous to your health.

The use of BPA has been linked to a whole host of health problems including:

• Heart disease
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Reproductive and sexual problems
• Obesity
• Cognitive and developmental problems

Its impact is especially disturbing to the health of children, as it could potentially cause problems with their brain function and hormone activity.  BPA has also been placed on the EPA’s dangerous chemical’s list, if that is any indication of the negative effect it has on humans.

We have enough problems with toxins and excess estrogen overloading our systems that if one change like removing canned tomatoes from our diets can help, we might as well stick with the fresh ones anyway!  If you have to keep tomatoes on hand, try to purchase those stored in glass jars, or better yet, grow and can your own tomatoes in glass jars and reap the benefits of the fresh fruit/veggie along with vitamin D and getting dirt under your nails which is actually a good thing!


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