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Thyroid Temperature And Pulse Chart Download

Tracking your thyroid function without labs is at your fingertips with this Thyroid Temperature and Pulse Chart Download.

Because thyroid hormone is necessary for respiration on the cellular level, it makes possible all higher biological functions. Without the metabolic efficiency which is promoted by thyroid hormone, life couldn’t get much beyond the single-cell stage. Without adequate thyroid, we become sluggish, clumsy, cold, anemic, and subject to infections, heart disease, headaches, cancer, and many other diseases, and seem to be prematurely aged, because none of our tissues can function normally.  Measuring the amount of thyroid in the blood isn’t a good way to evaluate adequacy of thyroid function, since the response of tissues to the hormone can be suppressed (for example, by unsaturated fats). In the 1930’s accurate diagnosis was made by evaluating a variety of indications, including basal oxygen consumption, serum cholesterol level, pulse rate, temperature, carotenemia, bowel function, and quality of hair and skin. A good estimate of thyroid can be measured using temperature and pulse rate.

Start tracking the very basics of your metabolic function to begin your recovery with real time information by downloading this Thyroid Temperature and Pulse Chart today.