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As I was trying to help my daughter to recover from her seizures, which was only one part of her vaccine injuries, I felt so alone.  No one seemed to be able to offer information that helped or made a difference, and I only wish that something like Passionate For Truth’s Facebook groups had been available.

Much of our recovery journey was spent researching and trying various protocols that I found could possibly be linked to underlying causes for all of my daughter’s declining health conditions. Each step along the way I was hopeful that I would come across someone who would say ‘yeah….me too!’ and have something to offer in way of hope for a healthier future.

As we continued to uncover steps, kind of like peeling an onion, I became more and more confident that we were on the right track.  Little by little we saw improvements in health, which became the foundation for recovering seizures.

Although the injuries from vaccines can be so widespread, cross so many conditions, and seem so dis-connected to what some may be experiencing, the underlying mechanisms to recover any health condition seem to stem from many similar places.

When I realized that we were finding information that was critical for anyone’s recovery process, I knew that what we had been going through, let alone uncovering, was for a much greater purpose than just for what my daughter had been suffering with.

That is what led me to design the various closed Passionate For Truth Facebook groups.  I wanted a place to share with people who were just like me – desperate to help themself or their loved one find answers and recover to a healthier place.

Healing Seizures Naturally is a Passionate For Truth Facebook group that was designed to be a community to serve as a support group and information portal for like-minded people who understand the struggles of dealing with seizures/epilepsy and want to recover naturally.  It is a group group is designed for the purpose of creating a safe place to discuss, ask questions, share tips, tricks, natural remedies and support each other.

Passionate For Progesterone is Passionate For Truth’s Facebook page that is designed to share all of the cutting edge research and scientific studies on, and testimonials of natural progesterone as it pertains to good health, helping with estrogen dominance, healthy pregnancies, supporting fertility, brain health, catamenial seizure recovery and more.  Get past the ‘hype’ and ‘fear-mongering’ about natural progesterone, natural progesterone therapy and overall natural hormone replacement therapy.  This page also offers information and links for the purchase of the natural progesterone that Passionate For Truth supports 100% – Ona’s Natural Progesterone at discount prices.

Healing Vaccine Injuries Naturally is the Passionate For Truth Facebook group to support all who have realized that their illness, condition, or disorder is related to an injury occurring from or linked to a vaccine. So many are affected in such a huge variety of ways, some understood and others not so obvious. Most who make the connection between their condition and the vaccine become warriors for recovering from that injury naturally. This group is designed for just those people. Whether it is something as readily acceptable as a ‘normal’ part of life like allergies or asthma, to the more blazingly obvious like autism or seizures, this is a place to share the journey and the natural healing methods that have been pursued and hopefully victorious.

Catamenial Epilepsy ties as a Passionate For Truth Facebook group that maintains its focus more specifically on seizures related to hormone fluctuations and occur at specific times throughout the menstrual cycle.  It’s goal is the same – to find people in a similar situation and find information and answers to a very unique problem.

We all have things we’ve learned through the ‘storm’ of our experiences that can benefit others in a way that wasn’t available when my journey started.  Be part of my Passionate For Truth Facebook groups today and begin on your journey forward with others who are right there with you.

I invite you to join the conversations – Let’s recover naturally together!