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Rid Of Brain Fog, Exhaustion, Allergy Shots, Low Thyroid and Chronic Sinus Inections
Occupation:Researcher, blogger, missionary, English as a foreign language teacher, homeschool director
Health Concerns:Consistent brain fog, overall exhaustion, weekly allergy shots, prescription allergy medicines, chronic sinus infections with overuse of antibiotics, thyroid nodules and under-active thyroid.
Action Steps:Removing inflammatory foods and anti-thyroid foods, healing my gut, increasing healthy fats, re-balancing my health.<br />
Biggest Change:I'm completely done with chronic, monthly sinus infections, I no longer have to give myself allergy shots and I've completely removed all prescription medications from my regimen. Changing my diet and removing inflammatory foods has renewed my energy and restored my neck to being pain free. Implementing changes to heal my gut and re-balance my thyroid have brought me back to an energetic state!

What were your biggest health concerns?

The nodules that appeared on my thyroid after my first born child were the first part in getting my attention.  I hated how miserable I was on a consistent basis with the merry-go-round of sinus infections and antibiotic treatments along with constant thyroid testing that was only used to change my prescriptions all of the time with no noticeable changes.  I was so tired, and all the doctors wanted to do was to put me on anti-depressants!!!!  I wasn’t depressed, I just felt horrible and was always exhausted!

When did you realize you needed to do something different with your health?

A friend of mine recommended a Naturopath to me because I was at my wits end, and that’s where my eyes were opened to a whole new way of doing ‘medicine’ and healing.

What is your story?

After the birth of my firstborn, the doctor found some thyroid nodules.  The thyroid nodules were growing on both sides of my thyroid, and I looked like I had an adam’s apple!  That’s where the fun began.  Repeated visits to surgeons to do biopsies, cancer worries, prescription thyroid medication to stop my own thyroid from functioning to minimize the size of the thyroid nodules and stop them from growing were just the beginning! I then developed chronic sinus infections that had me on a monthly regimen of antibiotics.  That created a problem with me developing allergic reactions to most antibiotics, so that only the most powerful were effective for my sinus infections, and I had minimal choices for any other antibiotic emergency need.  To continue the path of the dominoes that were falling, other allergies began developing to the point that I was giving myself monthly allergy shots in my upper arms and was on a maintenance dose of prescription allergy medicine!  The pharmaceutical companies loved me!!!  As my thyroid became more inactive, and the synthetic thyroid prescriptions continued to be re-adjusted to no avail, my estrogen and progesterone became severely out of balance.  I began with some semi  bio-identical hormones that of course were not covered by insurance, and our healthcare bills were skyrocketing!

A friend of mine suggested that I see a Naturopath simply because she saw me constantly in a sinus-head state with tissues at the ready year round.  I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I went.  I couldn’t be more grateful for that suggestion, as a whole new way of thinking was opened up to me.  Learning how food matters, that disease begins in the gut, and that food can hurt or food can heal has changed my life and the lives of many others!

It’s been a 20 year journey, but I am medication free, brain fog free, and allergy free.  I can’t remember the last time I had a sinus infection!  My energy has returned (as long as I keep eating right!), and the nodules aren’t growing and check out fine.  I am still on a path of discovery and working to continue to shrink and completely rid myself of the nodules, but my thyroid is in a much better state and I am learning and understanding more and more each day how to balance and keep balanced my entire body and all of its systems in a cohesive and healthy manner.

Passionate For Truth is an outpouring of my blood (plenty of blood tests!), sweat (thyroid and hormone imbalances really make your body temperature wacky!) and tears (plenty of setbacks and frustrations!) for the purpose of sharing my journey and the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years on the quest to understand the truth about healing and improve my health – and yours – one truth at a time!

What was the most challenging thing you’ve had to deal with during your healing journey?

Really wrapping my head around the fact that everything we’ve been told is opposite of what is really true regarding our health.  Learning how to live a new life with new foods, and new information is a challenge, but that’s why Passionate For Truth is here!






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