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Lindsey Reverses Seizure Activity, Removes Migraines, Restores Overall Health
Occupation:Student, Missionary, Social Media Consultant, Website Design
Health Concerns:Vaccine Injury at age 4.5 led to petite mal seizures, and acute heavy metal poisoning. With age, health issues spiraled into catamenial seizures (grand mals with menstrual cycle), consistent light headache every day, tri-weekly migraines, mal-absorption of nutrition, exhaustion, thyroid imbalance, hormone imbalance, brain fog, leaky gut, and more.
Action Steps:Natural detox of heavy metals, extreme changes in diet, re-balancing hormones, vitamins and minerals, removal of inflammatory foods, lots of extra prayer!
Biggest Change:Energy, migraine-free, reversal of seizure activity, overall body re-balancing and restoration.<br />

What were your biggest health concerns?

Daily headaches and frequent migraines along with the daily petite mal seizure activity that cascaded into grand mal seizure activity with my menstrual cycle.  Lack of energy and overall exhaustion from an inability to have recovery time.

When did you realize you needed to do something different with your health ?

Immediately after the vaccine injury when the seizures began, my mom recognized the necessity of heavy metal detox.  As I got older, the symptoms seemed to get worse and more severe, and we realized there had to be something more we could do to help my condition heal.

What is your story?

Alright, I’m going to try and condense 17 years of life, experience, and knowledge into a couple of paragraphs, so please, bare with me!

Like any normal five year old, I went to receive my Kindergarten vaccination shots, and immediately after receiving the shots – within 30 minutes – the petite mal seizures started.  The doctors did all of the usual tests that they do and confirmed the fact that 100’s of petite mal (absence) seizures were occurring in my brain each day.  They recommended pharmaceuticals and told my parents that this was a normal thing for kids my age and that we would check again once I hit puberty, because many times kids tend to ‘outgrow’ the seizures and can get off of all the medications.  We tried the route recommended by my doctors, anti-seizure medication, for a very short time, from which I developed severe reactions to the medications.  It was a very scary thing, being a five year old who had no idea as to why she felt like her body was on fire and why no one could make it stop.  It was at this point that my mom sought out a Naturopath who said that the first thing that needed to be done was to try and remove the heavy metals from my body as soon as possible.

I have to give major props to my parents for getting me, a challenging and picky five year old, to do the natural heavy metal removal protocols that were necessary.  Growing up, we learned to ‘deal’ with the petite mal seizures, and adjusted life as was needed.  The 100’s of little seizures (which look like zone-out spells to everyone else) that occurred each day became a normal part of life.  Because I was so young when the seizures started, I didn’t really remember life as anything else.  This was just a normal part of life that I knew not a lot of people around me understood, I just didn’t know why they didn’t understand.

Up until the time that I hit puberty, we had no idea the toll that the heavy metals and other vaccine additives were truly having on my body, and the downward spiral in my health that was about to occur.  About two years after my menstrual cycle started, I began having grand mal seizures bi-monthly with my cycle.  This started a whole new set of issues, concerns, lifestyle changes and more.  Later the grand mal’s happened every month, sometimes 2 times a month during my cycle changes.

At that point in time, my parents realized that the doctor’s ‘prognosis’ wasn’t the path that we were supposed to be following and that we needed to do something different, something more.  That is where Passionate For Truth truly began.  My parents began researching; we sought out alternative professionals, and tried everything we could think of to reverse my ever growing seizure activity.  We would get bits and pieces of information regarding re-building health from some, but overall, most others were of no help.  We realized that it was up to us to figure things out.

I don’t know what I would have done without my parents and their constant research, support and encouragement for me to push onward and continue to follow their (and God’s) lead, and be willing to try the sometimes seemingly never ending, supplements, diets, detoxes, exercises, etc…anything and everything you could possibly imagine! Without God and my ever faithful family, there is no way I could have ever made it through many of those years!

I am now capable of saying with hope and encouragement that I am on my way down the path to complete recovery!  I no longer suffer from multiple migraines a week, and my daily headache is no longer there.  My energy has been renewed, which I have to say is absolutely wonderful!  Because of this I am now working, taking college courses, and involved in my family’s missionary/ministry efforts.

I do periodically have my setbacks and am not yet 100% seizure free, but the amount of time between bad days has grown and I just went 5.5 months without any episodes!  I know that this is normal for those on the road to recovery, so I continue to pick myself up, move forward and keep pressing on to what I know the Lord has in store for me!

Looking back to how I was suffering, how my family was suffering right along with me in their own way and all of our difficulties, as well as all of the health concerns that seemed to keep piling on, and comparing that to where I am today, I can say with confidence that reversing your condition is truly possible.  It’s not fun, in any way shape or form, but it is possible.  It is one of the most difficult things you will ever do, a constant battle with yourself, but speaking from experience, it is also one of the most rewarding.

I don’t know what you are battling, what your struggle is, but I do know the feeling of being willing to do whatever it takes to fix it and keep moving forward!  Which is why I ask you to please consider researching for yourself and using the resources that my mom is sharing on Passionate For Truth.  She is trying to use my story as the catalyst for what I hope is not only my recovery, but for many others as well.

What was the most challenging thing you’ve had to deal with during your healing journey?

That’s a tough question.  It’s been such a long journey with so many different issues.  Each health concern brings its own challenges, frustrations, concerns and set-backs.


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