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Intensive Research Services


Intensive Research Services

Intensive research services are provided to help you get at the truth of all information that is most important to you.

There comes a point in our quest to feel better and be healthy that we get frustrated with the mainstream information that is available.  It is at that time we realize that there has got to be another way to regain our health.  The truth about our condition, disease, or syndrome is hidden and the vast amount of disinformation is overwhelming.

A commitment to uncovering the truth is very time consuming.  Because I am passionate for truth and want to expose the hidden truths on your behalf, I am committed to using my time to do all of the research work for you.  Let me do what you don’t have the time to do so that you can get on the road to recovery quickly.

All information is intended to help you not only understand the truth behind the cause of your condition, but also to give you what you need to make decisions to remedy your situation and improve your health.

The ultimate goal is to help you discover the truth about your condition and share the findings so that you can learn  how it is possible to reverse your condition and reclaim your health naturally.


Gather Health History


Well-Rounded Information


Specific To Your Concerns

True Information Revealed

Food Truths
Lifestyle Truths
Medicinal Truths
Health Truths

Getting Aquainted

Getting to know you is all part of the process.  Who you are, what you are dealing with and how I can help you improve your health.

Going Forward

Your detailed portfolio of current and cutting edge findings will include medical journal studies, lectures, symposiums, videos and more.  The individualized information will be specific to your situation and will consist of natural ways to reclaim wholeness and take back your health.

Changing Habits

The Way You Eat
The Way You Heal

Pricing Plans



  • One On One Personal Call
  • Discuss Health Concerns
  • Formulate A Health Improvement Plan


  • Prioritize Each Health Concern
  • Listing Health History And Prior Treatments
  • Detailing Research Plan


  • Individualized Portfolio Of Findings
  • Recommended Information To Guide Your Future Health
  • How To Move Forward With What You Now Know

* All Services Are Based On An Individualized Case By Case Basis.  For More Details Send Request.

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