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Library of DVD’s



You are probably something like me if you are reading this post!  When I reached the end of my rope trying to get to the bottom of my daughters failing health with no answers from the mainstream way of doing things and thinking, I knew I had to take things into my own hands and research and dig deep to really understand what was going on, why, and where to go from there.  I had to develop my own library of DVD’s.

I became intent on uncovering all of the information that I could regarding vaccines, vaccine injury and its tie to seizure activity.  The hows, the whys, the body, the environment, and the healing were all critical for me to understand if I wanted real answers.  The amount of information I uncovered was astounding.

It is because of many dvd’s like I have listed here that I am where I am today, and why my daughter is almost fully recovered after 16 years of failing health.  My hope is that you will check out the library of dvd’s below, as well as this video page for more information, add them to your own personal library, and be prepared to be amazed at what has been covered up, how we’ve been lied to, and how you can improve your health, one truth at a time!







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