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  I am a counselor and teacher by profession, a researcher, writer, wellness advocate, and passionate mother of a recovered vaccine injured child who is well versed in the subjects that are listed on this website.  My personal experience, interviews with medical experts, and exhaustive research has provided me with insight and information that wasn’t readily available to me when I needed it, and still is difficult to uncover.

My reason for this blog/website, my Facebook page Passionate For Truth, and my seizure support group Healing Seizures Naturally,  vaccine injury group Healing Vaccine Injuries Naturally, is to support those who are at their wits end.  Those who have come to the end of their rope, but still maintain that there has got to be a better way be restored, recover, live and be healthy.  My commitment is to continue the research about health and how to regain and maintain it through the use of natural means.   Knowing the truth about our God-breathed bodies and how He has designed us is what I am passionate about.

I am happy to share what I understand, have learned, have experienced and what has worked for me and my family in our efforts and abilities to reverse illnesses like seizure activity, thyroid imbalance, chronic migraines, estrogen dominance and vaccine injury.  I have a vast database of articles, studies, research, medical reports and journals, interviews, and documentaries far beyond what I have here on this website or have had yet to share in the other mediums that I use to reach out to people to help them.  I am not a doctor, and I know that if you are contacting me, you most likely are already aware of that.  I am not here to diagnose, prescribe, or claim to treat any ailments, but only to share information that I have and my personal experiences for you to take and go further in your healing journey for yourself and with your medical professional.

Additionally, I personally understand the difficulty of dealing with a chronic illness, and know that many times you just need someone who understands the uniqueness of your life to talk to.  Because of my counseling background,  I am also offering to be available for sessions to help you gain tools for dealing with the complications that come with sickness and give you the strength to keep your head up and carry on each day.

If you would like to have a more personal, in depth, one on one video consult with me, whether it is to discuss specifics of the illness you face, or just to have someone to talk to, please fill out the information below to request a consultation.

As a way to help me help you by giving you the one on one time that you deserve, I am happy to spend 1 hour with you.  The charge of $45 for this time allows me to continue my work and my efforts to get the word out to others and continue to research for everyone’s benefit.   Upon receipt of your request and payment, I will get right with you to coordinate our talk time!

Thank you.

Rachelle Burke

B.A. Psychology, A.A. Theology,  State Certified K-12 Teacher, Certificate in Nutritional Leadership


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If you believe in the mission of getting information out to those who don’t know or don’t have time to set aside to research for themselves, please also consider donating to allow me to continue bringing as much information and encouragement to others as I can.  If I have helped you or someone else with the information or encouragement that I have provided, please donate below.   At the very least, contact me and let me know so that I may be encouraged!  By donating and supporting me, you will allow me to continue to work on behalf of others and still support my family and our efforts to help others recover naturally as well.

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by Kathleen on Blank Business Name

When my 16 y/o daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy, I began scouring the internet. I am not really sure how I found Rachelle but a post on Facebook struck me and I messaged her. She messaged right back. I was in a state of despair and fear and she really began calming me with her guidance. I am not a fan of big pharma and meds and I could see what the seizure meds were doing to my daughter. We began working on her nutrition, & also added the progesterone cream. I have had high blood pressure for 18 years and began working hard with natural supplements to get off my meds. I was close but not quite there. Once I added the progesterone cream, my BP finally came down. I didn't make the connection till I forgot the cream for a few days while traveling, and my BP shot up. I really like Ona's progesterone. It is helping me sleep a little better as well. I think Rachelle has the sweetest spirit. Her desire to help others is so genuine and sincere. She has been there and knows the fears and lack of real help from the medical community, other than meds. She really is "passionate". Thanks for all your amazing help and support. I really appreciate it.

by Sara Weber on Blank Business Name
Progesterone to the rescue!

I was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy when I was 18, shortly after being on the depo shot for several years. It came out of nowhere. It progressed and got worse. I continued to lose more of my freedom and independence and gain more fear and isolation. I was on so many pharmaceuticals that added to that. I got pregnant twice and didn't have any seizures during either pregnancy. The doctors didn't think anything of it, but kept experimenting on me. I noticed a routine of my seizures as I continued to get healthier and fit physically. They came like clockwork, but the doctors refused to test my hormones. I finally got a doctor to test them after 10 years of being a guinea pig and found out my progesterone levels barely existed. Synthetic progesterone treatments made it worse, but this year my family doctor is allowing me to use natural oils and my best judgments to treat my seizures and this is the best i have done. I usually have 20-50 seizures a month. I had 1 seizure this month, last i went 2 1/12 months seizure free! I am still learning how and when to balance the oil, but with the help from Rachelle and her amazing group on Facebook, Healing Seizures Naturally,  I am doing better than I ever have been in the 11 years that I have had epilepsy. Thank you so much for everything you do and the knowledge you spread!